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The music brought them together. Aura, soloist in the first violin section, and Manuel, the fashionable conductor, are the most envied marriage in the country. Artists, famous and rich, their relationship hides an unspeakable secret. He mistreats her, something she has hidden for too long. One day, fed up with her incommunicado hell, Aura decides to take the step and ask for help, then what she had always suspected but never dared to confirm happens.

Director: Judith Colell

Producer: Sterlyn Ramirez/ Ivette Bautista

Production Company: Selene films.

Co-producers: Turkana Films

Country: Dominican Rep. / Spain



Málaga Film Festival  (Official Selection)

Cambridge Film Festival (Official Selection)

Seminci (Spanish Cinema)

Festival du Cinéma Espagnol de Marseille (Official Selection)

Iberoamerican Film Festival



Málaga Film Festival - Signis Award 

Festival du Cinéma Espagnol de Marseille- Best Script and  Best Female Revelation. 

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